Who is Not Following You on Twitter?

Do you follow a huge number of people or blogs, but have very fewfollowers? You’ve worked hard to build up your followers, joined blog hops and forums in exchange to gain followers back. But then when you go to your account and realized half of those folks that promised to follow you back didn’t, or haven’t?

It could be that they are busy. It could be that they have forgotten. In either case, it doesn’t make you feel good, and it doesn’t look so good. Your blog's, or website's stats is like a resume. When you go to apply for account, an advertiser or an affiliate are looking at your stats; your followers, Facebook fans, ranks, and so on like your resume. The last thing you want is a very weak following.

I am still working on my Twitter following so don’t laugh at my count. I am just trying to help you find out who is not following you back on Twitter. Yes! It is easy as pie. No, this is not a paid post, and I don’t get commission or click credit what so ever to write this. I am writing this because I think it is only fair, if you are in those hops and the idea is a favor for a favor – you did the favor and the favor wasn’t returned, perhaps you might want to get a refund.

Here are the steps: Go to FriendorFollow.com. Register for an account. Then enter your Twitter account and find out who is not following you. You will be amazed at how fast the list pulls up and the next thing to do is just what you decide. Stop following them, or to send them a message to remind them. You have the ball in your court. For those who don’t care about anything, don’t worry yourself about it. It’s all just the internet, so just shut down your computer.

You can click on the Fans tab, these are people who followed you and you did not follow back. Sometimes they are businesses that jumps on to advertise their site. For me, I would follow back if it isn't obscene. Here is the thing, if you don’t follow back and they are any good in managing their business they will stop following too. The Friends tab list all the people who are your mutual followers.

Did you try it? It has been fun hasn’t it?


  1. You know I've been thinking about this same thing a lot lately. I've been participating in Twitter hops and tweeting the people that I follow letting them know where I found their name and I'm still not getting all of the follows back. I had to do the follow/unfollow thing but I think that's what it's coming to. It's kind of comforting to see I'm not the only one.

  2. It is okay to go around the second time. Because I think some people are just so busy, or have so many followers they have missed you the first time.

  3. I'm not active on Twitter, and I really haven't signed in for months..

    This is good to know though, thanks!

  4. What a great post! Thanks for the tips.

    I am new follower from the blog hop.


    Have a wonderful Wednesday.

  5. I use this site all the time! I just wish it would have a one-click way to unfollow people. Lately I've also really be liking who.unfollowed.me because it drives me crazy that someone will follow you just to get you to follow them and then they unfollow. This way I just get rid of them in a few easy clicks!

  6. Been thinking about this for a while--think I'll go try it!!
    I am a new follower from the Saturday Stalk Remix

    Michele aka MikiHope


  7. I'm a new follower from Surfin' Saturday. Thanks for sharing this article! Oh, and I'm now following you on twitter also. :)


  8. I started to look at this too and it's very interesting.

    Thanks for sharing.

  9. I'm using it right now. Thanks for posting this! I had no idea you had another blog. This one is fantastic too :))

  10. I use a similar site but I agree with Mail Carrier which there was a one click button.

  11. I am so lost on Twitter. Thanks for the tips. I am a new follower. I am visiting from the Stop and Stumble and have stumbled this post. If you have a chance and can stumble http://www.messforless.net/2011/09/color-drop-game.html that would be great.

  12. My daughter and I was just talking about this because Twitter won't let me follow any more people until I get more followers. So she told me to find out who is and who isn't following me anymore & she told me how, but I forgot. So thank you so much for the reminder. It's a real pain in the butt when you have to follow someone & you can't like for a give-away.

  13. Wow, this site is unbelievable. I had no idea & people who I thought were my good friends aren't even following me I'm sure they're just unaware. hmmmm This sure is weird.


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