Maui, Hawaii Investment Properties

Aloha! Who doesn’t love Hawaii? Despite the economy, I would love to own real estate in Hawaii. I have friends who own a few properties in Maui, Lanai, and Oahu while living and working in California. They are using the properties for rentals and as their vacation home. While my friends’ dreams started modestly with their first investment property in Maui. They have since built their real estate portfolio from the help of the agent MLS home finder. They had a vision long before they decided to go-for-it and have not missed a year or took time off from building their dreams. They have worked hard on remodeling the properties and have sweated their way through good and bad times.

The real estate market in general has faced much depression and downward trend of late, yet my friendly couple has finally achieved the dreams they envisioned. The properties have become quite the investments, and have given them more in return than they ever imagined.

Everything seems to be falling into place as 'she' has five more months to putting in 15 years at her job, and that means retirement and pension time. They also have a dream of owning in Maui, while taking care of their investment properties in Oahu and Lanai.

My friends have not decided whether or not to buy another property in Maui or to use the one they owned. Although they do have an attractive lease on it and do not want to lose the tenants. As with most areas in the United States, Maui foreclosures and distressed properties are more abundant than ever, and now is a good time to be looking again. My friends have always been very good at making business decisions and I know she would do well no matter what she decides. I still have not been able to meet with her in Hawaii as we have always talked about, but I have already planted my dreams there.

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  1. We didn't get to visit Maui, but I'd love to own property in Hawaii!

    Way cool.

  2. My oldest son loves Hawaii, and he wants to go back for a long visit some time..


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