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Blogger Broadcast, aka BB, encourages guest posts. BB is currently looking for articles on technology, savings, blog how-to, or other how-to posts. Please send us an email.
  • Blog Tips Related. Anything Blogging.
  • Welcomes repeat writers. 
  • Content must be new and not a copy from your old post. 
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The other stuff that you should know being a Blogger:
1) Blogger Broadcast reserves the right to refuse any submission not meeting our philosophy and guidelines.
2) We reserve the right to choose which day to post your submission, however, suggestions are most welcome.
3) Any and all of your submissions are considered Blogger Broadcast's property, you may not submit your work elsewhere unless it has been edited. Duplicate content will be the almighty Google.
4) BB doesn't discriminate who/ or which website submits, however, submissions must not be of porn nature, or website niches that are considered inappropriate for Blogger Broadcast.