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The New Year 2012 is here and it is time to start thinking about Tax 2011. This Free Turbo Tax deal is for State Farm Bank customers only. If you would like to get Free Turbo Tax E-filing for Basic and Deluxe Federal and State you first must obtain a State Farm bank account. If you already have both a State Farm account and a State Farm Bank account go to:
Login to your State Farm Bank Online Account and you will see a link to free Turbo Tax online software. If you don't log in to your State Farm Bank Online Account first, the landing page will show the regular prices.

Here are the Requirements / Offer details
1) State Farm Customer
3) Offer: Free Turbo Tax Basic Deluxe Federal State 2011
4) Discount for Premier and other packages
5) Must have one State Farm Bank Online Account
6) Offer limited to first 25,000 that Register to use TurboTax Online
Last year State Farm limited the offer to the first 25,000 that registered, although I have not seen the mention, they could still implement the same limits this year as well. To be safe, just register as soon as you can. It doesn't take long to get to 25,000 users with this Free deal.

How to fulfill "registration" provision. This is the key.
1. Log into your Turbo Tax account after you have gone through the State Farm link above. (If you used the Turbo Tax software last year, it will ask you if you want to import last years info...yes)
2. Go to the "Print & File" tab which is the last tab at the top of the 2010 return that is started.
3. Click on "print/save for your records" & enter your information. (name, address, phone #, email, etc.)
You should see the following: Enter Your Registration Information
You don't have to pay to use Turbo Tax Basic/ Deluxe Federal /State 2011, but you must provide registration information before you can print your return.
4. Hit "submit/continue" at bottom right
You should see:
TurboTax Registration Complete.
Select Continue to File My Return and we'll walk you through the final steps.
5. You are now Registered and can now log out to complete your taxes another day or at the final hour.
***Please note that simply logging into your TurboTax account via the State Farm link does NOT register you.

Free Turbo Tax Federal/State and efile!

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