Sprint Total Equipment Protection App For My EVO Android

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I am very excited to share the new application for the Sprint phones. It is called the Sprint Total Equipment Protection App (TEP) App. The app can 1) Locate phone, 2) Sync contacts, 3) Remote wipe phone , 4) Lock phone, 5) Sound alarm

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Being that I am a Sprint customer and own an HTC EVO Android phone, I am even more thrilled about this new application. Nice phones are expensive. Not to mention they store so much personal information that they become the everyday human attachments. It is no wonder that the most customer friendly mobile phone carrier finally come-up with an app to protect such important devices.

If you are an existing Sprint customer, check out the new app and download it to your phone and stop worrying about losing your contacts, or your phone for that matter. Sprint customers only have until August 30th to add the feature to their existing phone.

The app is long needed and I am so glad to know that I no longer have to worry if I misplaced my phone, because there is the sound alarm to trace it down. Do you know what else is wonderful? If your phone is lost or stolen, you can locate it on the map with an integrated network GPS technology. It acts just like a tracker. Furthermore the lock phone option remotely locks a missing phone so that no one can get to your personal information and contacts.

TEP also provides Sprint customers with a quick and convenient way to receive a replacement if their phone is ever lost, stolen, damaged or malfunctions after the warranty expires. This comes in handy, because you know how I am with driving off with my phone on the roof of my car. And how many times have you lost all your contacts, from dropping the phone to accidentally dropping it in the water? TEP allows you to sync your contacts wirelessly in seconds.

TEP cost $8.00 per month, and the Protection App comes with TEP with no additional cost.

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  1. What a great app! I wish there had been something like this around a few years ago when my stepdaughter was a teen, she was always losing her phone.

  2. I'm not a Sprint customer, and still learning on how to use my phone, or the apps that are available.

    I love this kind of information since it is easier to understand.


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