Thursday Two Questions #49 | Happy Birthday Sis!

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Today is IcyBC's Birthday, I wanted to wish her a wonderful year. That her life be filled with goodness and lucky stars. It is because of her that I came to know about blogging. And because of blogging, which she had introduced me to, that I survived a period of emotional turmoil, whether I created myself or life created for me. It might be a small ordeal to some people, but I give her high marks for being able to do what she is capable of and what she loves while trying to raise a family on her own. I don't think anyone of us can walk in the others' shoes like we can our own, and that said, I am in total admiration for my sister's will and determination. Much love.

If you don't know IcyBC here are her websites and folios, I hope you will stop by for a visit.
She currently manages five blogs: 1) Beyond Zephyr, 2) Raw Thoughts and Feelings, 3) Beyond Wandering, 4) Wandering Thought, 5) Dances of Dreams

Her online writing includes:
1) Triond--More than 200 articles/poems on this website.

2) Associated Content--51 articles on this website, but not at all active there.

3) Helium--37 articles on this website, sold at least 3 articles to market place already.

4) FireHow--Currently working on building a portfolio, and have 11 articles so far.

5) ListMyFive--Working on building up a portfolio, and have 14 articles published.

Here are my Thursday Two Questions:

1) Has there been anyone who you thought misjudged you for all your doings?

2) Do you think there will ever be a chance for you to set things right?

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  1. My own answers are: 1) Yes there has been a couple of people that were very important in my life that had misjudged me, to this day.
    2) No, I don't want to anymore. I used to pray for a chance to explain or persuade, or set things right, but now I think it is what their perception is, what they wanted to believe, and I can't change it.

  2. Happy Birthday Icy!

    I love that cake, too cool.

    Yes, a time or two. I think this happens to all of us on occasion.

    Maybe, but then it was more of a judgmental thing on their part so we will see.

  3. First, I didn't know it was Icy's b-day. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Yes there have been people who have mis judged me and it does hurt. However... 2. I don't really care to set things right. People who misjudge are judgmental in nature and I don't need nor want judgmental people in my life no matter who they are.

  4. Happy Birthday, Icy!

    1. Yes. I've been misjudged by people that mattered to me.

    2. As many have said, it's way too late to set things straight. It's water under the bridge and we move on. If they misjudged someone so close to them, the relationship was probably not worth much to them.

  5. Thank you so much for the wishes, and write up of this post! Like Mr. Roger said: "it is a wonderful day in the neighborhood"..

    To answer your question:
    1) Yes, there was someone close to me that couldn't stand seeing the sight of me.

    2) I don't want to set anything rights anymore! Like you said, I took it as their perspective, not mine, and it means very little to me now to set it straight.


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