Thursday Two Questions #37

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1) My previous post was about Blog Followers (real, not dead) and how to find them, and keep them around, hopefully. Smiles. There are a few ways that I am using and maintaining, if you care, read How To Find Blog Followers, Readers, Commenter.

2) I started using Microsoft OneNote a lot now since I organized a Trip Book to Ha Noi, Viet Nam recently. I keep all my thoughts and ideas of a project in my OneNote notebook, but digitally. Then I send it to SO to get his input. I have been loving it. Apparently, it has helped another individual in planning her trip, read the Crab Lady's Blog Post at Microsoft Office's blog. So that lead me to question #2 about your blog ideas, and organization.

Here are my Thursday Two Questions #37
1) What methods do you find that is working for you to Find and Keep Your Blog Followers?
2) Which software do you use most often to organize your to dos and projects? (word, excel, OneNote, etc?)

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  1. 1. I basically just provide content that they are used to seeing. I try to follow and comment on my follower's blogs as often as I can.

    2. I really don't use any of those for projects.

  2. HI, I found you through bassigrafe's blog hop. I am interested in your post about how to find followers and will definatly go back and read it! I am now following you. You can find me at

  3. Many of my followers have seen comments I have left on other blogs and come for a visit. One on of my blogs I have used blog hops to add followers, but I do reviews and giveaways on that blog.

    I don't use any programs for projects, I probably need to be better organized.

  4. I follow the people that follow me, and try to comment as often as I can.

    I use Word exclusively..and hand writing notes.

  5. 1. I honestly don't have any methods. They just come and follow if they want..ooh wait.

    I think many come for the giveaways and some from blog hops and you go and follow them too and well they stay. Otherwise no methods.

    2. I just write things or put them in draft.

    Aloha! :0

  6. I only like to follow those that have the same view as me, and are regular readers.

    As for software, I find word is sufficient enough.

  7. Isn't OneNote great? I've been using it a lot for when I order something for winemaking, I'll print the receipt of what's been ordered and keep it organized in its own tab in OneNote.

    I don't really utilize anything for finding and keeping blog followers aside from bookmarking their blog in my bookmark toolbar for easy access - I really need to do something, though, I'm so scatterbrained about all of it! ;)

    I use all kinds of software - Word, Excel, Publisher, a myriad of CoffeeCup software, PhotoShop CS5...just to name a few. I usually have multitudes of windows open at the same time as I bounce all over the place - or I like to call it 'multi-tasking'. ;)

    "Roughing It": Camping or Motel?

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  9. Love your has tons of useful info! I will be back often! :) Thanks for you kind words on my is appreciated! :)

  10. 1. I actually follow only those I feel comfortable following and happy following :) I don't thirst for huge following though it sounds exciting, for fear I will not be able to follow them with quality. I do not want to spread myself thin and end up losing my quality blogging friends. For my blog visits, I simply rely on the visitation from google, and other search engines.

    2. Sadly, I am very poor in organization. I do use one note though for my lessons, excel for gathering and analyzing data, but none of them blog realted :(


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