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Have you checked the Blogger dashboard lately? I did not discover the "Stats" tab until recently. It has been a few months of tracking and following, but I have come to rely on it religiously. It isn't the most comprehensive analysis of your blog, but it has some very unique abilities.

For one, the stats will show you which url, webpage, or website is sending traffic to your blog. How many times your posts are being viewed for the day, week, month and even now, which is the "immediate" state. It gives you Stats of your pages, if you have any. This is a unique option, since the pages are often the tabs on your navigation menu and it isn't a post that someone would normally search for on the web, and it is an ability which is only available through Blogger Stats.

The Stats' results are also consistent, or you could say it goes hand in hand with the new gadget option in Blogger for “Most Popular” posts. If you set it to be for the last seven days, 30 days, or all time, you can see that the Stats page not only show you the same results, but also will show you how many views the post received by week, month and all time.

I have enjoyed following the Stats pages tremendously, because it gives me an idea of what my readers are attracted to on my blog. Another nice option of Stats is the ability to see which words are being searched for your blog. It is user friendly and right to the point, which fits a busy person’s lifestyle nicely. If you use the Stats page and have tips to share please comment below.

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1) Do you use the Stats page?
2) Which of the options of the Stats page do you like best?



  1. I have been watching that page. Not really understanding it as I have just started blogging a towards the end of last year. I have so much to learn. But I have to say i like all the charts. Just learning is a blast. Because I think I these charts will help me in gettting traffic to my blog. I want to learn more about Google Anylics as well. Blessings

  2. The blogger stats always never tally with my other stat counter.

    But I like the former more since the later seemed to reflect lesser count..

  3. I do check my stats a few times a month, and my favorite would be the "all time". It gives me a chance to see an overall stats.

  4. I've always used Google Analytics and never even noticed the Stats tab! I just went and took a look and you're right, interesting stuff... thanks for the tip!

  5. Yes I use the stats page when I'm answering a questionnaire about my blog stats.

    I like seeing the referring pages. Then I go visit those people.

  6. Yep I check on a weekly basis! It took me awhile too to see that button, lol! Thanks for the reminder. Great blog and coming from a Friday Blog Hop!

  7. Bethe77: Actually, I think the charts in the stats page is one of the more user friendly. You can also hover over the lines to see the date and the page views too. I like to see it in details like that.

  8. rainfield61: It shows more because it is probably counting your clicks and views too? There is an option to have the stats not count your views. Perhaps then it might match?

  9. ~✿~Icy BC: I am not sure if all time is a fair way to view your posts. Since some are much older, which means they have more time to get clicked on...To tell you the truth, I haven't figure out this one, except that once in a while it is good to pull up the old posts to show the readers.

  10. I do look at it once in a while, and like Rainfield said, it's not in corresponding with my other stats counter..

  11. I've always used the Stats stuff in the blogger dashboard. I hadn't even heard of analytics until reading these comments. I signed up, but don't think I added it right. Do you add it to each separate post or is there one spot on your blog that you add it to analyze everything?

    New follower via the Acting Balanced Thirsty for Comments Thursday hop!


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