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In the attempts of sharing what I know and what works, below are a few blog posts from Blogger Broadcast in case you have missed them the first time they were posted.

The short and straight to the point posts were created in hopes that it will help you see another point of view if you haven’t already come across the particular blog issue.

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Today it is about how you can Help Followers Find Your Blog

Most of the time when I click on a Google Friend Connect Profile, I find the profile isn't linked to the person's web page. The follower has chose not to display their blog or website on their profile. This makes it very difficult for someone to follow back unless they left a link in their comments. Yet, what I find so backwards is that they chose to display the blogs they had followed or joined. And sometimes I have mistaken by clicking on those and follow the first link. It is a bit of wasted effort, wouldn't you say?

I am assuming that most everyone that are following Blogger Broadcast would like to be followed back. Most everyone that has a blog is trying to promote something. Yet, they had left out the most important element of self promotion, "make your blog readily available, make it easy for people to find you." Most of all reap the benefit of your efforts of going around and following other blogs. Sometimes, in the effort of trying to follow the follower back, I would email the email address listed and ask for a link to follow.

Believe it or not, I do not get a respond back. As such, I am thinking the followers do not want to be followed back. Or that they don't know about this option. It is in your profile page of your blogger account. There are two areas that you need to pay attention to:

1) General : make sure you put your blog url in this space. 2) Select blogs to display. Click on the link to make sure your blog show up, if not follow the directions to make it visible. This will ensure that your blog/ website is linked and connected with your account. Even if you are protective of your privacy, you can’t be shy about advertising. It is the vehicle for people to get to know about you and your blog.

Have a wonderful New Year!


  1. Thanks for all the tips. I found you on the Wednesday Window favorite post blog hop! That's usually been the way that I have advertised and found friends. Of course, I'm not trying to build a business like some people, but it funn to get new followers and have them read my posts and start discussions. This will certainly help in the future!

    AubrieAnne @

  2. I'm your new follower =)
    Would love a follow back ;)



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