Brain Teasers to Stay Refreshed

You know when you need a break, don’t you? That is when your tasks take twice as long to complete, and you are just not producing good work. Yet, a lot of people don’t know how and when to take a break. They work all the time. I think I am a hard worker, but nothing like some people I have known before.
I remember there was a girl who worked at the same place with a group of 40 girls. She was a workaholic. She didn't know how to not work. Never took one single day off. NEVER. I couldn't understand why she never left work, or had a life outside of our work place. I didn't know whether it was because she needed the money, or she was just very competitive. Whichever it was, I am not sure how she can just keep going without any break.

Now and then I like to take time away from the computer, working with codes, and writing. I play some  brain games online to refresh. They say it is good to exercise your brain. Learn through playing games and allow your mind to be challenged in a good way. Just like exercising your memory, you need to work it, or you will lose it. I enjoyed many of these brain teaser games because they can make me feel alive. The short little breaks that I am taking for my brain to refresh go a long way. It is harmless and certainly has been proven to work in your favor to take breaks, especially when your brain can be rejuvenated with fun games. We all need to walk away and come back at a later time refreshed. Don’t go off the deep end with stress. So are you taking breaks to refresh your brain?

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  1. I am one who does not call in sick. When working In NY I left my job with over 100 sick days on the books. I have worked this job for 5 years and have not missed one day other than paid vacation or holidays - it's a strong work ethic that was pounded into me as a child. lol, but I can enjoy time, once in awhile. I blog after all. :-)

  2. I have my Sudoku, but I think I need other ones to keep me entertained.


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