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Doesn’t it feel like everything happens at the end of the year? It does for me. December is when I reassess my life, and those things can range from cleaning out my closet to checking on my preventive health care.

I have been very impressed with Blue Shield of CA because they made member benefits easy to understand. If I need a specialist it couldn't be any simpler. Depending on what the subject is, all I have to do is pay my co-pay for the office visit and as long as the provider is in the network, the visits are paid 100%.

Blue Shield of CA is a not for profit company.  They offer alternative care such as acupuncture and chiropractors, and affordable health plans. They have a website that is very intuitive, so it is easy for to find health care providers.  No more having to sit on the phone with a representative for the list of providers. You can tailor your search to the provider’s specialty, the age of the patient, and even the zip code.

Visit Blue Shield of CA’s Facebook page to learn about the company. If you are looking for a good health care plan, or just simple relief for some health issues check out some of Dr. Jim and Bob's Fun & Helpful Health Advice videos. They explain what those symptoms are and how to get rid of them. Their videos run about a minute and a half. They are interesting, straight forward and funny. They have helpful advice on issues from how to tackle heartburn to sleeping, here is one of my favorite Dr. Jim and Bob's Fun & Helpful Health Advice videos for you to enjoy.

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