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EXPRESSDo you put categories on stores? For example: some stores are just about casual clothes, while others like Express is a place where my SO and I can always find professional and fun clothes for day or night. Boring clothes can be a big turn-off. Especially for people who are not patient about shopping.

I can see a few outfits that  SO might like already. As for me, any of these nice suits will do just fine. Do you like wearing suits? Have you seen the Express online lately? Take a peek and tell me which is your favorite and where would you where them?


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Staying home with my daughter has put me into the habits of wearing shorts and sweats, but those day s are about to be replaced with some dress-up clothes. I am going on a shopping spree for some nice work clothes at Express Online. Do you want to come a long?

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  1. Those are some nice suits, I really like the third one from the top. I'm not working right now and live in jeans but I like to keep at least one or two nice outfits in my closet.


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