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This post brought to you by Untitled Jersey City Project. All opinions are 100% mine. (1 page)Untitled Jersey City Project is about drama and mysteries. It is about power, fame and money, which we all love, right? Even if you don’t love it, it should be even more intriguing to you. All the things you despise only others can do, but not you. Oh no. Shows are for entertainment and the show does it well. There are plenty of dramas, and plenty of mysteries, being that you are so not into power, fame, and money, it is still fun watching a bunch of people scheming and fighting for an edge.

The setting and characters almost reminded me of the 1920’s mafia mobster movies. But they are much more refined in today’s technology and capabilities. What a combination! You have to admit, a little creativity is great for the imagination.

Have you seen the show? Well, for your convenience, I have attached here the Untitled Jersey City Project Epidsode 2. Please take a quick peak and let me know if you think you would be interested in this type of show. Also, do me a favor if you have already been watching it, can you comment on the characters and the story line too?  I can’t wait to receive your feedback. Thanks! Looking forward to your comments dear friends.
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  1. I think it looks really good!

    Just became your 600th follower (Congrats!!) From the Sunday Social

  2. I haven't seen this or even heard of it before. It sounds sort of interesting however, I'll look for it.

  3. a lot of folks like it, or so they say but I'm not sure that I'm digging it...maybe it will grow on me.


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