Thursday Two Questions #43

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Are blog categories well defined? One of the things I stumble much on when filling out about my blog is its category. It isn't as easy for me to choose from the list of options as one might think, especially when the categories are so limited, for example, once I narrowed down the choices, it comes down to either home or personal. Well, it isn't about home, nor is it personal. It is more about blogging and life resources, and there are so many other blogs that are in the same category that I am surprised there isn't a category for it. Maybe I am just over analyzing the categories available. Maybe everyone has just as much trouble choosing from the available categories just as as I do. What do you think?

Here are my Thursday Two Questions #43
1) If you were filling out information about your site, what category do you put your blog in?
2) What category would you put Blogger Broadcast in?

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  1. I have the same problem with those categories. I usually list it as personal but like you said, it really isn't. My blog is more about photography and nature but those categories don't appear at all sometimes.

  2. Interesting post on the subject.
    I end up having to choose Mommy blog more often than not and it's really not all I do. I'm just a mix of everything. I'd say personal.

    I'm not sure under what category I'd list your blog. I guess I'd have to see a list of category to choose from.


  3. Hi, I am a new fan from the hop. My blog doesn't fit neatly into one category or another either. Come to think of it, neither do I!


  4. Amanda, I have the same problem with hwj but my seeds4thoughts I list as health.

  5. I would say my blog is family oriented come and check it out at I am a new follower of yours

  6. I am still struggling with the categorizing thing ;(

  7. If there is a mish mash category, I would list mine under it.

    BB to me has a wide range of subjects too! So there, I would list it under mish mash!


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