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HONDA LOGOI am a Honda lover with a deepest respect for its durability and reliability. I am still holding on to the first  Honda I ever owned. My love then and I bought it after years of dreaming about owning a Honda. Since then I had replaced my love, but still holding on to my Honda. Yes, my Honda and I spent a lot of time together while we struggle to find a new life without the X.

As far as serving its purpose, my Honda has performed for all its drivers. My X- drove it for 3 years, I drove it for 7 years, my new love commute in it for four years, and then along to my son, who is presently driving it since.

When I was my Honda's driver, everyone who saw it couldn’t believe its real age. I took great care of it, love it and it showed. I remember the first time a young kid drove into my Honda bumper, it was a stormy day- pretty much expressed the way I felt about the accident. Nonetheless, after I took it to the shop, it was as good as new again. Since then different bad drivers took turns to run my Honda down another five times, and today even though its body is damaged the little engine just won’t quit.  And that is why I cannot let go of my Honda.


Honda UK is releasing series of mini –documentaries, and sponsorship idents for Channel 4, a very popular TV channel in Ireland. One of the documentaries, which you will see on this post is about a woman named Philippa, an alpaca breeder in Oxfordshire, who uses her Honda ATV to tend to the animals on her farm. When I saw the video and her alpaca, I got a burst of inspiration and a new vision of me with a different type of Honda, perhaps tending to my gardens.

These four new rounds of short films started on June 2nd, which featured real –life customers who use their Honda products in unique ways. There is also a “Take Part” section, where Honda owners like you and me can participate in. We can submit our entries of the unique way we love and use our Hondas, the favorite will be chosen by Wieden + Kenedy(W+K). The Honda Documentary Campaign should be a lot of fun to participate in, if you are interested just click on the links and join… Good Luck!

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