Thursday Two Questions #35

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I am always thinking of vacation, I would actually take a vacation one of the hundred times that I dream, but I would always try. The last trip we took to Michigan to see families, we had the worst service ever on a domestic flight. What made it worst was the fact that we had to pay premium dollars for the worst seats as well. It was for a last minute death in the family.
I would never forget the airline checkers' attitude and behaviors. It was the same both ways going and coming back. I am skeptical of that airline now. So that leads me to the questions below:

Here are my Thursday Two Questions:
1) Do you like flying: airplanes, that is. Or would you prefer to travel on a different way?
2) If you do fly, which airline is your favorite?

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  1. Sorry you had such bad flights! Following you now from a Thursday hop! BTW, I like Continental and Southwest. Had really good experiences with Southwest.

  2. I didn't mind flying before, but now it's such a hassle that I don't even want to go to the airport.

    I used to like Delta...

  3. Having bad service coupled with paying premium dollars for the worst seats would definitely leave a bad taste in my mouth.

    I used to love to fly - back when the flight attendants were courteous and they actually served meals on the long flights...oh, and when they didn't charge for checked bags, too. :) If I'm going a long distance, flying is still my preference, since we get there faster - like Seattle to visit my family. :)

    The airlines I've had the best experiences with are United and Southwest Airlines - though it's been a while, so that may have changed by now too! :) The worst experience we had was on USAirways - we will purposely choose flights to avoid them, even if that means paying a little more.

    We'll be driving to Iowa next month to visit my sister and her husband - my parents are actually driving out from Seattle at the same time since they prefer to make the long drive rather than fly. Luckily Princess Nagger loves road trips! :)

    "Hairy" Situation - Can You Make The "Cut"?

  4. Hmmm...My father worked for Eastern Airlines and then Delta when Eastern went bankrupt. I loved to fly because I was always treated so well. Now I dislike the crowds, the ignorance and so many other things. I only fly now if I have too. I have discovered road trips can be quite interesting if planned properly.
    I am a new visitor and follower via Saturday Stalk.

  5. Cute way to get followers to interact! 1-I enjoy flying because I can rest/read/relax while doing it and it is so much quicker than driving. 2-I seem to fly Southwest because of their no luggage fees an price (I usually don't travel long distances-LOl).

    Heard about your blog on voiceBoks! HOpe to see you there. And if you get a few extra minutes (ya-right your thinkging-LOL) check out my blog!


  6. I fly if I have to , but I prefer terra firma. I prefer to drive :) Even though they have the statistics and etc.

    2. Hmm I don't fly tht often to have a favorite airline. Sometimes I can't even remember an airline name!


  7. 1) I don't like flying, but there are situations I have no choice but to fly, such as going to the Philippines or further up North or in the East :(

    2)I don't have favorite airlines, whatever gives me the best deal, that's it :) Though I do not like American Airlines, I used to take it a lot when I was in CT, but after a very horrible experience, I avoid American airlines.

  8. I don't like flying anymore for all the hassles that we have to put up, and the extra hours that we must spend at the airport. But if I have to do it, I guess I'll have to..I just to like American Airline.

  9. Nice questions! I used to love flying, back in the day, but one too many long haul flights between South Africa and London have ruined it for me. (I think I've done the 10 hour flight in excess of 25 times!) I far prefer train and will always choose train if I can, but they are so expensive.

    Favourite airline is Singapore Airlines. Least favourite is Virgin and I will never, ever fly them again.


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