Kelly Clarkson - Because of You

Happy Monday, what better way to start out the week than to be a featured blogger? Today, Blogger Broadcast is one of two Spotlight Couples at Xmas Dolly's Monday Music Moves Me. And you can bet I have been jamming since the party started. So if you would like to groove along, click on the badge and check checkout other music selections!


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  1. Love Kelly Clarkson - I even voted for her when she was on American Idol! :) Great choice - and congrats on your Spotlight Dance! :)

    Knee Deep and Stuck Like Glue - MMMM

  2. Hey there, I just wanted to stop by and support your other blog. Hope all is going well, girl. Keep up the great blogging.

  3. I'm your newest follower from the Monday blog hop. Following you on Twitter, too! My twitter is @kindertravels

    Would love it if you could help a new blogger out, and follow me, too!

    Have a great day :)

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  5. Congrats on being featured in the Spotlight Dance on MMM. What a lovely song by Kelly Clarkson. I hadn't heard of this one before now. Thanks for sharing!

    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

    Read today's posts ...
    1000 Reasons To Be Thankful (51-60)
    Monday Strikes Again
    Santana MMM

  6. She was that first American Idol. Yes she has a nice voice. Congrats on the Spotlight Dance. It's fun. I'm following you already. Wow, being a newcomer doesn't last very long around here. I'm seeing people I've already been too. Blogging is fun, but there's a lot to learn.

  7. I am following you via the MMM blog hop. Please follow me.

  8. I don't listen to Kelly Clarkson much but this is a really good, emotional song and video. Thanks for sharing - I'm already following you :)

  9. Great song! I love Kelly Clarkson. She is still my favorite American Idol. Congrats on being a spotlight dancer! Have a great week!

  10. This is such a pretty song. Congrats on the spotlight!

  11. A beautiful song! I like it.

    Congratulations on being featured.

    Have a good evening. *HUG*

  12. I've always loved that song but I'd never seen the video... and wow. Just wow.

  13. What a wonderful song, full of emotions!

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    Have a lovely week!

    Take Care,

    Lexie Lane

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