Thursday Two Questions #33

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I tried the No contract, prepaid cell phone service with Virgin Mobile once because my son needed a cell phone so that he an keep in touch with me. It didn't have any contract obligation and sounded much cheaper. As it turned out, the whole contact / customer service and billing was a huge nightmare that took up a lot of time to straighten out. I ended up begging to cut ties.

Here are my Thursday Two Questions:
1) Have you ever tried a Prepaid Phone service, or No contract cell phones? How was your experience?
2) Have you heard about any of these major cell phone carriers {Sprint, Att, Verizon, T Mobile, Metro PCS} being better than the others and which?

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  1. 1. No, we've never tried a prepaid phone service or one without contracts.
    2. We use both Sprint and At&T and are pleased with both. Sprint is a family/business plan with four users to share minutes (Nextel direct connect and phone combined), and my husband uses AT&T when he travels into the mountains, etc., because he gets better reception.

  2. I want to try the prepaid , no contract but have no experience with it here in this country.

    2. I have no idea which is better. It seems everyone find something good in the one they choose to keep.

    Good luck!

  3. My vote goes to Verizon as the best cell phone and service :-)

    Good questions??? :-)

  4. 1) I have not used the prepaid cell phone service.

    2) I had Verizon before, and they cheated my bill every month, so I went back to T-Mobile and stay with them ever since.

  5. 1. Both hubby and I had prepaid service with T-Mobile for years - we both liked that once we hit $100 in minutes, we'd be 'Gold Member' status so for every refill we did, we got 15% more minutes, and the minutes didn't expire for a full year (they don't actually expire - they'll roll over if you add more before the deadline when you're not a Gold member). They also have great phones available for the prepaid service - we've always had great luck with them.

    2. I'm hoping AT&T is good, because we finally left our prepaid mode and got SmartPhones with AT&T and a 2-year monthly contract. We would have gone with T-Mobile, but AT&T just bought them recently. :)

    Aloha: Pet Food

  6. @Margaret: Prepaid phone service is convenient when you need a temporary fix. I used to have ATT and it didn't work at my house.
    @ Jamerican: Thanks, it is quite an investment and when you think every time you change carriers you have to buy a new phone
    @ Old Geezer:I think so too ;-).
    @ Icy: With Joey getting to the age, prepaid service might be good.
    @ Stacy: I think it works and probably with Boost, since they have been around much longer, plus they are owned by a larger company -Sprint. Good to know.

  7. I am a new follower please follow me back at
    I use the pre paid phone through Verizon. I like it because I pay one payment and it lasts for 1 month. They will let you know when it is about to expire. If I am short of cash then I wait till I can afford to pay iy and it is back on.
    Thanks, Annette

  8. I used to use tracphone prepaid but found that I was paying for minutes whether anyone answered the phone or not. Then I went to Altell that merged with Verizon. I am usually happy with them. :-)


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