How to Install Comment Widget on Blogger

Comment Etiquette #2

The Comment Widget is a neat tool for both the blogger and their visitors. From a blogger's point of view, the widget serves many purposes.
1) The comment widget helps you keep track of the visitors who made comments on your blog,
2) it acts as one of the vehicles for the blogger to run Top Commentator contests,
3) it gives the blog owner a chance to promote and reward the visitors who dropped the most comments on their blog.
4) it provides a link to the commentator's profile and them show-off to your readers.

If you need more reasons as to why you should have a comment widget on your blog, Reach Beyond Limits has listed two additional ones below. And the step by step to install a comment widget on your blog. If you want to add a recent comment widget as well, check out her post: Easy Way to Put Comment Widget on Your Blog.

And when I am done with this post, I am going to install a Comment Widget for Blogger Broadcast myself.

    How to Install a Comment Widget on Your Blog
    • Encourage readers to leave a comment
    • Let your readers know their comments are appreciated
    Step by step guide:
    • Then click on the first gray button: Add Top Commentator Widget to Blogger
    • Look for the pop-up window
    • Type in to your blog URL (Do not add the / after dot com or it won't work)
    • Follow three simple instruction on that window: change setting, customize, and add widget to blog
    If you follow this direction, you will see the names of the top ten commentators on your blog, and the numbers of comments they've left.


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