Fabulous Photo Art

Please welcome Blogger Broadcast Guest Blogger, Jodi. She will be sharing herself as a blogging photographer and as an artist. You will find fabulous art at her Etsy Photo Shop.

My name is Jodi and I am a Photographer, digital artist, blogger, Etsypreneur, wife and a mom to 4 great kids. I am a graduate of NYIP’s Full Photography Course and I currently offer studio and location sessions. I started my blog Living Life Photographically in Sept. 2010 as a way to share my business and love of photography with others. I quickly found a very supportive community – which, in turn, gave me the confidence to open up my Etsy shop, Photography By Jodi. I photograph in both digital and film and I develop my own black and white film. I have an extensive collection of new and vintage cameras that I shoot with-this allows me to stock my Etsy shop Photo By Jodi with prints I’ve taken with everything from my Canon 7D to my Polaroid cameras to my Diana. I offer creative edits of the outdoors and a variety of still lifes. I also create my own textures, which can be found on my blog (for free) and I’m hoping to add them to my shop shortly.

My latest project-that I’m very proud of-is my ‘Interview with an Artist’ series of interviews. I’ve posted my first one and I hope to do one a month for the rest of 2011. They are interviews with some very talented artists in a variety of areas-they are fun, informative and include a giveaway! I really love that we can support and encourage each other in our chosen creative areas and I want this to reflect in my blog and my business. I’d love you to stop by and visit!

Would you like to be featured? Guest blogger for Blogger Broadcast? Are you an inventor? Do you have tips to share, if so email me and be featured on Blogger Broadcast.


  1. What great photos! I'm always impressed by people who can take such wonderful images just by picking up a camera and knowing what to do with it!

  2. I would love to take pictures like that. My art is in flour. I make almost everything we eat from scratch, except my husband's soda and potato chips.

    He must be stopped.

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  3. Gorgeous pictures, I love the black and white image, it is so calming.


  4. Wonderful photos, and it is nice to know a bit more about you!

  5. OH! Love the B&W one. I have a thing for black and white photgraphy. (maybe cause that's what we had way back when I was a kid) hee hee
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  6. What beautiful photos!!!Visiting from the blog hop. So glad I found you! Enjoy the rest of your Friday.

  7. I love Jodi's photos!

    She has a lovely talent :)

    I'm following from Weekend blog hop and I would have to return here later to read more about your blog. On a tight schedule =S

    Have a good weekend!

  8. She has beautiful photos! I enjoy looking at nature pictures!


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