Blogger Broadcast Welcomes Guest Posts

For a limited time, Blogger Broadcast, aka BB, encourages guest posts. BB is offering you a chance to submit a post, or tips for our readers and a chance to promote your site on BB, FREE. Yes, no strings attached, only requirements.

  • Minimum 200 words, but no more than 300 words. 
  • Blog Tips Related. Anything Blogging - Nothing Personal.
  • One link to your site.
  • Maximum 2 images {Small <200x300, BB reserve the right to re-size the image to the appropriate configurations of BB's website template}
  • One submission per individual. 
1) Blogger Broadcast reserves the right to refuse any submission not meeting our philosophy and guidelines, after all this is a free offer for you to promote yourself.
2) We reserve the right to choose which day to post your submission, however, suggestions are most welcome.
3) Any and all of your submissions are considered Blogger Broadcast's property, although you may submit your work again elsewhere. This just means, if you get mad at Blogger Broadcast, we are not going to delete the post, even if requested.
4) BB doesn't discriminate who/ or which website submits, however, submissions must not be of porn nature, or website niches that are considered inappropriate for Blogger Broadcast. 

Easy enough right? So, what would you like to share?  A new Freebies you just heard of? Or something wonderful on your website we should know about? A way to save time?

BB is looking forward to greet the brave souls who dare to walk this path. Smiles.

Still have questions just email me at:
These guidelines will be posted on the navigation link.
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  1. Hopping over to leave a smile on your page. Happy Wednesday and Happy Holidays. Hugs, Katherine

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    Does this offer still stand? I am just starting me blog and I would love to write a guest post to help increase my following. I'd even be willing to write a post on a suggested topic. Just let me know. My contact info is on my blog. Thanks!!

  4. Very useful and informative blog! Thanks. Just found you through the thirsty thursday blog hop.

    Am a new follower!


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