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I need your help picking out the purse and shoes to go with my Valentine's date-dress. I can not decide which purse goes with which shoe. Perhaps I am just greedy right now and can't see straight because I wanted them all. They are so cute and pretty in the different pink shades. What assets they would make to my closet, wink.

 I discovered while looking for designer handbags. I was pleasantly surprised they had almost everything, from men designer contemporary wear to women evening dresses.

I also found out is one of many celebrities' favorite shop online store! That makes me feel better, nothing like being caught wearing the same outfit that Nicky Hilton wears. Maybe I will even be asked to do a People's best dress spread. And yes, I day dream while blogging.

If you love Cole Hann or Dolce & Gabana shoes like I do, this is the place to browse for the latest styles. There are some unique picks that I have not seen in department stores. I am more impressed that some name brand designer accessories are 40% to 60% off. What's more right now, they are having a 65% off Coat Sale and a 10-hour 75% off denim sale.

It used to be that the only place to get designer items is the big department stores. But moving forward, I know where to go now for discounted designer fashion.



  1. Happy Pink Saturday,,,,
    So very nice to see your pink.
    I enjoyed your site so much that I am know following you. I invite you to my site too.
    I look forward to interesting conversations.
    Be inspired,

  2. I LOVE the shoes in the #1 spot! *drool*

    I'm a new follower from Friendly Friday! Great blog!

    ~ ~

  3. All the bags are Pinkalicious! Love them Happy Pink Saturday. Grace

  4. I remember visiting bluefly almost every day to drool :)

    Plus they did a stint on Project Runway for awhile.

    For #1 I'd pick shoes 3 with dress and handbag but for some reason I don't think I have the two right shoes to choose from. I just can't see #1 with that dress and bag.

    For #2 I'd choose #4 to go with bag #5.

    Now maybe soon I'll be able to buy one thing from Bluefly. It will be a hot top! And it's best be in red! :)

  5. As for purse goes, I like number 5, and for shoes I have no preferences! They are all so cute, and I love Cole Hann brand.

  6. Shoes 3 and bag 6 all the way, baby! They're gorgeous!

  7. I love shopping at blue fly. Doylene

  8. I can't pick, they are all cute, and the purses are so pretty too!


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