Safety Signs Save Real Lives

We need more safety signs. Signs are critical for oblivious people. Slowdown. Sharp Turn. Real Lives.

Our court had many accidents because people drove so fast around the corners. They did not slow down while turning the corners and have crashed into cars and people on the other side. I can't believe that the drivers did not realize that there are others who are using the the streets too.

They drove fast. They seemed to prefer the risk of accidents rather than slowing down to avoid one.
I guess these drivers could also be people like you or me who are smart, assertive, and responsible. They get things done, and are achievers. Yet, they need reminders, or safety signs, because it is not okay when all of these good adjectives turn into bad adjectives: insensitive, oblivious, self-fish human beings. 

Many times good people turn self-fish, because they are in a hurry or are running late. On these occasions they drove very fast around the turns and became oblivious to others on the streets.
I like proactive and assertive people, but I also like them to be humble and careful. If they would consider that there are real lives in the neighborhoods, I believe they would not speed as they do, or would they? 

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  1. Some people just seem to ignore the signs, unless they get caught. It is very sad when accident can be avoided.

  2. Well, I guess I'm doing something wrong, but you're the second person that has picked to be our "Spotlight Dancer" for Monday's Music Moves Me, but I cannot find your email address, and if I can't find it either can promoters! We need to make our blog e-mail address more noticeable or something. :( Sorry, but I have to redo and find someone I can contact. Hope to see you on Monday. Maybe you can put it on your "About Me", that's where I usually look to find them. Girlfriend totally agree on the signs.. Love this one! Send it to your Congressman and see if they have anything to say about it or maybe even start a Petition & then send both to him. Especially being that voting is coming soon.

  3. Amanda, I have to agree with you completely. There are people who seem so sane at one moment and insane the next while walking or driving!

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