Social Media Optimization

Buzz- buzz, social media is everywhere. I cannot go anywhere without hearing the words, Social Media. Even people who don't know anything about social media is talking social media and consulting on what they think it is about.  If you can talk the talk, you can make a pretty good living...until you have to prove the statistics.

There is a broad range of topics in social media, where do you fit in? Do you just talk about the social media channels? Do you implement the tweets on Twitter, the share on Facebook, the stumbles on Stumble Upon for your blogs? Do you know how to optimize your social media presence to grow your business? Take a look at the infographic below and reach out to the experts. Don't take everything into your own hands, there is so much to be done.


  1. Very good information. I am still learning.

    1. it's amazing the reach, some are very successful, while others not so much.

  2. I'm with Collete on this...They change all the time, and I just can't catch up with all...but learning!!

  3. Hi there - stopping by from Friendship Friday.

    Im a new Google Connect Friend.

    I love these infographics - they are so interesting to read and you really do learn a lot from them.


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