What To Look for When Buying an eReader

Love the convenience of an eReader? With so many different types it’s easy to feel lost.

That’s why we compiled a list of things to consider when buying an eReader:
  • Book Selection: Obviously, you want to make sure you can get the books you actually like to read on your eReader. If you're a magazine reader, you might want to see which magazines are supported as well. It's easy to find out about book selection by browsing the website you would buy books from if you bought a certain type of eReader.
  • Display Type: Some eReaders are resistant to glare and are much more like reading an actual page out of a book. Others have a backlit screen like a cell phone or PC. If you plan on reading in the dark and don't like using a reading light, a backlit screen can be convenient. However, if you read outside on sunny days a lot, an e-ink reader might work better for you.
  • Battery Life: You'll definitely pay more for an eReader with longer battery life, but if you plan to use it for long periods of time, like traveling, it's worth paying for.
  • Highlighting and Note Taking Options: If you're just a casual reader, these are probably not important options for you. But if you're a student, teacher, or another person who will be using the eReader for more serious reading, highlighting and note taking will be important.
  •  Supported Formats: Some eReaders will only support certain proprietary formats. This means that once you've built up a library in that format, you either have to stick with eReaders that will work with that format in the future, or you have to start your library over from scratch when you get a new eReader.

The best part about eReaders is that you can get new reading material on the go. Just store your credit card information and start reading your new book within minutes. Daniela Baker from CreditDonkey says, it's safer to store credit card information than debit card information in instances like these because credit cards come with better fraud protection than debit cards.

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  1. I received a regular Kindle for my birthday, only a few months before the Kindle Fire comes out. I like my reader!


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