Cheap Eyeglasses @ Zenni Optical for Changing Styles!

Me: “Oh I can see better now.”
SO: “Hey you look serious!”
Me: “Well, I was hoping for more along the lines of “You look “smart” or “professional.” That is just one pair of glasses, how about this one?”
                                                   SO: “I think it’s more you, it looks like fashion eyewear.”

I had to get new glasses. It was painful - sort of like admitting that my eyesight along with many parts of my body is deteriorating. But at the same time, I was very excited like a little kid at the candy store. At least I am not paying hundreds of dollars to admit that I am in need of help. I can still look “fashionable” and “serious”. I can afford to have different eyeglasses for the price that I normally would pay for one eye exam, so I am not complaining.

Isn’t it funny that things are actually more reasonable now than when our parents were growing up. The world has changed. I am glad for Zenni Optical because I can buy more than one pair of cheap eyeglasses. I am relieved that my crutches are not breaking my bank account.
I like the ease of purchasing from Zenni Optical. I don’t have to spend the entire day in the optometrist office and then have to wait for another two weeks to receive my eyeglasses. I can order while I am doing my bills online, or blogging. Then just hang tight until the eyeglasses come in the mail. It’s a very efficient way of getting eyeglasses, and I can’t be happier. The only suggestion I would make is prepare to make your order with the pupillary distance measurement from your eye prescription and everything else is as simple as a click of the mouse. All my friends use Zenni Optical as well, and are happy with them. What is holding you back?

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  1. I really need cuter lens. Something to fit my face properly.

    Now if I could order online and have my doc put the lens in :) maybe just a bit cheaper eh.

  2. You know that reminds me I should get my eyes checked - knock on wood I have no issues yet! stopping in to follow you from today's hop - hope you have the time (gosh, that's what I wrote about today) so return the favor soon :)

  3. My eyes don't need glasses for now, but I love that fuschia one. Looks fun:)

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  4. This is one of the lowest cost places to get eyeglasses. With a little child, it is the best option since I get a couple pair for him at a fraction of the cost.


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