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My dreams for my children would be health and happiness, and for their dreams to be fulfilled. Beyond that, I am secretly hoping that they will become doctors, lawyers and pilots - none of which they ever thought of themselves to be. While I was growing up, my parents had the same dreams for me and my siblings, and now I understand why. My detailed dream will be submitted to www.upromisetodream.com, where I will share my hopes and my journey as refugee, a single parent supporting my mother and children, but in particular my first child to achieve his educational goals. The goals which have exceeded our expectations.

As bloggers, we enter contests everyday for a chance to win a pair of jeans, kitchen appliances, books, etc. All of these items are nice to have, but they are just material things and might not even matter ten years from now. The one thing that we can do today that might make a difference in our lives even 10 years from now is to submit our dreams to www.upromisetodream.com. It is like playing the lottery, if you don't play, you won't have the chance to win. So if you want to win a contest, you need to enter.
The Upromised program has already awarded $600 million in college funds, and is currently celebrating their 10th Anniversary. The program is generously looking to give away $20,000.00 to the selected winner who will have shared a story that tells how he/ she has supported a child's dream!

Check the dream wall official rules for submission details. There will also be 10 winners of $1,000, and one grand prize winner of $10,000. You can vote for your favorite dream by liking them. If you have friends and family that have children tell them about it, so they can submit their dreams for a chance to win too. Good-luck, I hope you will win!

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  1. Fantastic information! I have three children, and they all need to have higher education nowadays!

  2. I heard about this and I've known a bit about them for awhile but hubs wont use it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. This is a wonderful chance. I would enter if I lived in the US.

  4. That's really great!
    I'm your new GFC, FB and twitter follower from a blog hop.
    Would be nice to see you at http://luckyangelandgiveaways.blogspot.com/ Thank you and have a great weekend.


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