The Tale of Ole Green Eyes from Cathy Kennedy

Several months ago I received a book called The Tale of Ole Green Eyes. I read it to my daughter and she couldn’t stop asking questions. The book is about a couple of sisters who visited their grandparents and was told a story from their great grandma’s past.

The setting of the story was sweet and summery, an old fashioned and serene scene from the hills of Tennessee. The climax was from the children’s imagination, that was also when my daughter’s eyes opened wide to ask: "what happened next?...."

We take it for granted that simple things could be such a big deal to children. The Tale of Ole Green Eyes did something for me too, it made me take a step back to appreciate the views from a child’s mind. Slow down to realize how they absorb things, and to appreciate how they see the world and their surroundings.

I recommend this book for you and your children. It is a sweet, clean and refreshing book. The book is available on (just click the icon below) and you can also contact the author on Cathy Kennedy’s Blog to request an autobiographed book for your little one. 

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  2. Thanks for a great review of this book!

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog (a corgi in southern california) and your kind comment. This book does seem interesting with some good lessons in it. My kids are grown, but I do have a grand niece and grand nephews. This could be interesting for a Christmas/birthday gift for them. Thanks for the review. I hope you have a nice rest of the weekend!


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  5. I enjoyed reading the review of my book. Thank you for mentioning it to your readers!


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