American Idol Full Theme Song

I was ahead of myself last week and posted the theme for this week, hope you can handle another week of AI. Smiles. Additionally, AI is the only show I watch on TV (yup,sorry so limited with time), so here it is again, just a different song.

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  1. Have you heard anything about who the judges will be for next season? My sister said that J. Lo is leaving...?

  2. LOL How many times I have heard that. I was a faithful watcher in the beginning, but over the years I faded off as did the judges. It got to be too predictable. Did you hear the creators of AI is soing the X Factor or something like that? LOL These TV people kill me. Have a great day & thanks for playing.

  3. American Idol is one of my guilty pleasures - it's a tradition for Princess Nagger and I to watch it together each week, she always picks the winners...even when she was a baby she was cooing and waving her hand when she liked a performance. :) Great choice! Thanks for playing along! :)

    Boob Tube Tunage: MMMM

  4. That is a good one. I don't watch often but yea. cool.

    Enjoy your week! :)


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