Thursday Two Questions #30 | Newsletter

It's easy to join Thursday Two Questions Meme. 1) Post your own two questions on your blog, 2) Have a link or badge on your post to Self and have fun visiting others.

Here are my Thursday Two Questions:
1) Do you read the Newsletters from your fellow bloggers?
2) What is the best way you like to be contacted? Email or comments?

Here are some other blog hops that I am participating in today.

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  1. 1. Afraid I don't usually read he newsletters although I take a quick look at them.

    2. I much prefer commens for general info. If it is something special, I prefer email.

  2. 1) I don't subscribe to blog emails to reduce the number of emails I get in my inbox! Less is more, you know? So I just check in on my favorite blogs a few times a week :)

    2) Although I love comments on my blog, if someone really wants to contact me it's best send me an email. If I can't get to it right away, it stays there in my inbox and I am sure to get to it eventually...whereas if it's in my comments on my blog, I might forget which blog post it is in...and you know, life gets busy -- and I don't always remember to go looking for it!

    I saw your link on the Having Fun Blog Hop -- I'm your newest follower :)


  3. 1) To be honest, I delete them all if they come to my inbox when I don't subscribe to them. I simply just followed them back and suddenly I got newsletter. It's not right..However, I do read the newsletter that I subscribed to.

    2) Email and comments are fine with me.

  4. There is only so much time I have to spend online so I do quickly glance through newsletters when I can .

    I am alright with however someone wants to contact me. Blog comments or email :) Twitter, etc.


    Feel better soon

  5. Email and comments are fine as a way to communicate. The last thing I need is newsletter to read from blogs that we've no connections with whatsoever!

  6. I agree with Jamerican Spice. We have but 24 hours a day and some of that is occupied by work and family. I always promise myself to visit and comment more but at about 2 am I am chucking it all in to go to bed so I can get up at 6 am to go to work. There is so much worthwhile content to view....


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