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I could open a skin care boutique given how many lotions I have. I get them at Christmas, Birthdays, and just from me trying out products. I am always in search of a lotion that will work with my so dried out hands and skin.

The creams and lotions will get used a couple of times then it goes in a basket and never get looked at again. It is because many of these lotions tend to have the same problems.
  • They are too thick, too greasy, and they don’t penetrate into your skin.
  • They are fragrance, or they leave an alcohol smell that makes me feel sick.
  • They are expensive which makes it hard to re-buy if you run out.
  • They are using too many chemicals and tested on animals.
All of these characteristics are not so great and doesn’t make me feel good about purchasing or supporting the products.

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to Skin MD. I love the feel of the lotion, it is light and feels very smooth going on your skin. It is light and not thick and waxy, which brings me to another point. Do you know why dermatologists recommend that you put on your lotions after showers? It is because the wetness and the warmth help open the hair follicles, which is the entrance to your upper skin layers. This is the best time to use lotion and get the most benefit. With Skin MD you you don't have to worry because the lotion absorbs easily into your skin.

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  1. I have super dry skin too, and I recently found St. Ives oatmeal and coco-butter type works great for my skin!

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  4. I have recently fallen in love with Aveeno. It uses oatmeal and it definitely relieves dry skin, even flakes. I know what you mean about all the problems you can find with all the various lotions.

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