Brian Ferry - Slave To Love

I am going to be a bit wordy today with this post since it is Valentine's Day! Brian Ferry's music was what sealed the deal for me with SO. It was then that I kept wondering if Dating is Like a Cattle Field? I was looking for something different in the field. So to have found someone who loved Brian Ferry's music was like finding a needle in the sea. Since it wasn't the current top 40s, or even played on the radio stations, as a matter of fact it was already ancient.
I took the leap of faith, and all I knew was if he could love Brian Ferry's music, he has to be okay. And luckily, I was right.
Through the courting stage we lived Brian Ferry's music and shared many others that formed a strong bond between us. I believe music and lyrics are good indications of how someone could be emotionally, but there are certainly other signs too.

Brian Ferry - Slave to Love & Jealous Guy

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  1. It makes it so much better when you find someone that share things that delights you.

    I have not heard these before. I like.

    Thanks for dancing with us today.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. I have never heard of this artist but will be adding these to my playlist.


  3. I found the page your video was on. Brian Ferry use to be on the top of my list back when. Thank you for joining us today, and again my apologies, but I hope you understand I just couldn't find it earlier. Anyone else that clicked on your name I'm sure went to that other page, and didn't bother looking around. Sorry! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day. Have a great week.


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